Question from ViolentKeesh

Asked: 6 years ago

How do i more my wife to a different house?

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From: RazielsLegacy 6 years ago

Just give your wife the Follow expression and lead her to the house you wish to make your new home. You`ll have the same selection at the paper on the house as you did the first time. Select Set As Marital Home.

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Moving your wife has a lot of known glitches so be careful doing it

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What kind of glitches?

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One that I just encountered is that the game will say you now have 2 wives.

On a related question, can I get rid of one without loosing the other?

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ya do wut i do KILL!!!!!!!!!!!

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The getting two spouses thing when moving into a new marital home is caused when you give your spouse another ring after getting married. Thus you are re-engaged to your spouse. This happened to me. And I couldn't finish the retribution quest because of it. But I did unlock the bigamy achievement and the Blackmail quest.

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First you have to tell you wife to follow you to the region your want your hous to be in, and when you choose you house when you get there interact with the sign and set it to martial home.

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