Question from vermillion233

Asked: 5 years ago

My dog won't sniff out last Treasure Island of Doom Treasure??

I got 9/10 treasures and after looking at all the answers on this board I found what I was missing.

I still can't get it though. It's the Dig Spot treasure. The frustrating thing about it is my dog sniffed it out when I first got down to it. I fought a couple of beetles and the dog won't find it now.

I have tried digging every square inch on that little island and get nothing. I've tried walking around the whole island a couple times and even stood on the small island for about an hour, hoping the dog will randomly smell it again.

Is there anything I can do??

Additional details - 5 years ago

I already have my dog at 5 stars across the board. Either way I'm very impatient and restarted the quest and ended up beating it in under 20mins.

Thanks for the help.

Accepted Answer

From: W0lfsbane_ 5 years ago

If you started digging it and got hit/interrupted the dog will not find it again. This is a glitch.

If that didn't happen...try raising your dogs treasure hunting skills?

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