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How do I get into the Temple of Shadows????

need one more gargoil and its IN the temple of shadows for some reason the door is locked when I go down the stairs from the castle the quest is gone so i cant use it to get down there is there another way to get down there plz help ?????????P.S. I can get in the castle part but when I accutaly go down to the Temple of Shadows the door says it is locked please help?

Accepted Answer

lionheart77x answered:

You need to fast travel inside, however I accidently saved the temple of light prior to this, and my shadow temple was destroyed as well. I, however, was not locked out. You may simply be experiencing a bug that will be addressed.

***Spoiler Warning***

The only known way to render your game uncompletable, is to choose the Sacrifice or the Wealth Cards at the end of the game. Doing so will prevent you from being able to dig up the buried silver keys, which will ruin any chances of aquiring the "Hoarder" achievement, or opening every silver key chest.
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RazielsLegacy answered:

You picked to save the Temple of Light obviously. I'm not sure, but I think fast travel inside may be possible if you went in earlier
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