Question from masher51

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I buy the temple of light?(dont care about spoilers)

I already beat the game, so I dont care about spoilers. Just tell me. I cant seem to find the poster for buying it, I almost have ruler of albion achievment.

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From: HeLLizardKing 6 years ago

You should be able to buy it after Oakfield changes overr the time you spend at the Spire. It won't be the dome in which you go inside of to donate, it'll be the other one that has the poster.

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It's not the igloo where you met their leader/whatever his position was.
You walk up to it without going inside and turn left and the house info should be visible.

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Did you do the Temple of Shadows quest? Because if you did, then you can't buy temple of light (and vice versa)

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