Question from samueljay

How do I make my fable character have the red line instead of the blue lines?

every time i stars over to try to get red lines on my body i keep getting the blue

PLZ help me :)

Googlrr asked for clarification:

What do you mean red lines? As far as I know, the only lines you get on your body are Will Lines. You get will lines from leveling up your will skills. Will is the only skill class that gives you "lines".

Perhaps what you're looking for may be a tattoo?

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So_Ruthless answered:

Its all about being corrupt. the more corrupt your character is, the more corrupt he will look. even if you have an evil hero who is fully evil he will always have the blue will lines. no matter what. the red ones come from being corrupt. trust me
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sir_laugh_o_lot answered:

No its called evil....I started looking like the cover deamon...guards got mad at me for kicking someone out of my house, they hit me, I hit back...and kept doing so for about an hour.....
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finkrod answered:

Like they said, you've got to be corrupt AND evil. But he will never have red will lines instead of blue ones. There will be slight reddish coloration around your eyes and on your extremities, but not much of anywhere else.
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