Question from flamaro

Asked: 5 years ago

More Characters?

Can you have more than one character on the go, like in the first Fable

Additional details - 5 years ago

You could save more than one hero, each under there own file name. I usually had one evil hero and one good hero. Can you do that in Fable 2 or does starting a new hero override the one you already have?

Accepted Answer

From: LORD_LUCIFER_KV 5 years ago

I do not undrestand fully what you mean with the first fable, you only have ONE character but you can change it's apearence by doing good or bad deeds, in fable 2 you can also choose between a male and a female character at the beginning. If you mean Save files, yes this is posible. if you mean anything else please try to explain a bit further.

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