Question from dark_stryk

Where can I find (GARGOYLES)?

i am looking for the last one of the 3 GARGOYLES in fairfaxgarden
and am missing 2 out of 5 in brightwood

pleaz help me


The0bsidian answered:

The 3 In fairfax gardens are:

-One above main door to the castle. WAY up high, in its own hole.
-One inside the castles library, right inside it above the door.
-One inside Lady Grey's tomb. Cant remember where though.

5 in Brightwood:
-In the lake in the southeast corner of the map, there is a building. Its on the back.
-Buy brightwood tower, and go up the ladder at the top. Look out one of the windows, he will be there.
-One in the forsaken fortress. If you got all the pieces of the map from the highway men, you can find it. Or, its on the road going down from Giles Farm. Its a little black dot on the right side (I think...)
-Anchor Knot (i think thats what its called, off the top of my head...). Its inside, cant remember where.
-On a set of 3 arches (connected ones. like "nnn") in the south west part of the map.

Hope i helped.
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