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I'm using aimed range attack and they aint breaking...anything else i should do/use to break them?

hellcaster712 provided additional details:

Will it shatter when i shoot it...cuz right now they aren't doing anything...and about how far away do i need to be? sorry if i seem dumb but they're starting to frustrate me >.<

hellcaster712 provided additional details:

I'm a dork...was shooting the wrong ones >.<

Accepted Answer

SouthernVII answered:

Use a weapon with a range of 60 and see if it breaks... check your weapon details
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Jechob answered:

Make sure that your ranged weapon has a long enough range on it.
Also be sure you haven't already shotten the gargoyle. >.>
I made that mistake a few times.
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namtrac007 answered:

Each ranged weapon has a range you can see on the details of the weapn. Just get as close as you can and if you have a rifle the range should be ok.
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