Question from 0grekiller

If you cannot access xbox live, can you still obtain the pink dye?

(IE: dig it up, find it in shops, cabinets)

0grekiller provided additional details:

I mean the apocalyptic pink dye, from, not the normal ones. I don't have live, and i would like the dye.

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JasaniAVA answered:

Apocalyptic Pink can still be bought/dug up throughout the game (I had the original one, and ended up digging up a second bottle... I think in Old Bowerstone, but it's been a while).
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Kingy1122 answered:

I think so... i just went into the hairdressers it think it was, and bought it......... so i'd guess if you dont have to have xbox live...
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Torakk answered:

I dug it up just to the right of the dig site in castle fairfax gardens
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chaos303030 answered:

The answer is no. I believe. New Apocalyptic pink dyes (As well as chicken suits, Feign Attack books, Lionhead tatoos, and your hero doll) will only appear if you have played the flash game and earned them. You CAN earn all of them, by repeating the flash game. But, too my knowledge, they wont be in the game unless they are put into your game by the flash game online, which I think requires XBOX LIVE. I base this on the fact that I never found any of that stuff in my game before I played the flash game where I usually could afterwards.
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kirbymelee87 answered:

I dug a bottle up in fairfax gardens there the entrance (from bowerstone market) close to were the archeologist is. You can try there but i dug up some bright blue dye from the same spot on a different file so you can try there but you might get some cr*py blue dye.
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R_Shadowsbane answered:

when I first bought the game and didnt have live, I found the apocalyptic pink dye. I bought it in the Bowerstone Market after I finished the game
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DRIFTA23 answered:

Ok go to where the hair dressers house is and face the door
then turn right and head fowards and when you come to a little side yard (it should be next to the bowerstone market exit that goes to fairfax castle) your dog should bark and badda bing
apo. pink dye
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