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What is the Gold Bag in the Pause Menu from doing the Chicken Kicking game?

This refers to an item that came from the chest in the Chamber in the Guild Cave a lot of people are talking about. This chest gives you the LE content, as well as items won on the Fable II website flash games.

I got everything as normal, but instead of the 500G you're supposed to get from the Chicken Kicking game I instead got 250G and a "Gold Bag" added to my Pause Menu.

This option appears under Furniture and for all intents and purposes looks like it belongs under items. It has a description saying you got it from a magical chest in that cave, and a base value of 5G. Other than that, it seems you can't do anything with it.

It just sits there. Has anyone else experienced this, or have any idea what it is or what it does? Is it a glitch? Harmless?

Any help would be appreciated.


oz2555 provided additional details:

Thanks! I'll have to test that out, I haven't got a house yet but I'll definitely give it a try once I do.

Great information, I appreciate it!

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rovamir answered:

This is not a glitch. The gold bag is something of a trophy, you can display it in your house to raise the value.
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