Question from SouthernVII

Asked: 6 years ago

Do I need the dog to be able to get all silver keys?

I've beaten Fable 2 & I have 49 silver keys. I recently found out there's actually 51 silver keys in the game because it says I have 7 out of 6 silver keys in the Wraithmarsh. I'm missing the silver keys from the Hobbe Cave & one in the Bowerstone Market. Apparently I need to dig for these particular keys, but I no longer have the dog. Is there anyway to still get one (to have 50) or both silver keys without the dog?

Accepted Answer

From: geonizer 6 years ago

There is one silver key behind the tavern in bowerstone marketplace that you won't get unless your dog shows you wher to dig.

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I disagree. My dog has led me to Silver Keys that needed to be dug up.

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