Question from russkiwife

Asked: 6 years ago

Brightwood demon door won't ask me for the darn ch....?

cheese! I did this before with another character, worked fine, now I can't get him to even mention cheese. Am I missing something?

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From: Mouser05 6 years ago

It might be possible that you;

A. Don't have the right type of cheese

B. Already gave him the cheese and need to do part 2 of the quest

C. Didn't wait through the whole cutscene (leave brightwood and come back)

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Try reloading Brightwood. Worked for me.

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I'm not sure, but sometimes I would have to walk up to the demon door, and activate it like accepting a quest.

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i had the same problem.
i just kept tapping 'A' and then he was just like "oh, alright fine!... etc."

so give that a shot.

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It could be a game progression issue. I know I went right for that bugger on my second playthrough, thinking to get the cheese part out of the way as soon as possible, but he just wouldn't ask for it, kept repeating the same stuff over and over again. I left the area, progressed in the main story, and he still didn't ask for the cheese. I hit A repeatedly, stood around for ten minutes, even shot him square in the eye, and still nothing. Once I had progressed to the point that I could enter the Crucible, he finally asked for the cheese. Ugh!

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You might not have the right type of cheese.
If you go to the demon door under fairfax castle he will say,
"Ask me what the Brightwood Demon Door is up to, would you? That guy never says what he wants."
For me, after I did this it worked. So maybe try that?
Or, try reloading brightwood.

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yea if he's just like "Oh you don't wanna see wats inside me if the other doors knew" or maybe i'm thinkin of different door IT'S NOT THE FAIRFAX DOOR I KNOW YOU GOTTA OPEN THAT ONE LAST.

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Just keep naggin him I had the same prob on my new one I just stood there and finally he asked.

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Did you go to the door already dressed in the tart skirt and everything with cheese? he'll make you do ssomething different if you did

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As reluctant as this door is to open, you have to hang around and pester him. Hit the A button after he's done with his speech to activate him, and he'll tell you he needs some cheese. Remember you have to have him 'highlighted' with the purple outline to do this. It might be hard to see since he's so big.

Any cheese is fine, as far as I know. If you have multiple kinds in your inventory, I don't know which is consumed first so be careful with that if you want to keep the high-level cheeses.

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