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Asked: 6 years ago

Can female hero get pregnant?

I have a female hero she's married and has had unprotected sex a few times but doesn't get pregnant whats the problem? And so far she got two stds should i find another husband is he maybe shooting blanks?

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It says in the book if i remember correctly that a female hero can also have children besides i already bet the game so i have time to do that and the other quest it offers.

Additional details - 6 years ago

Actually i had to get rid of my old husband he kept giving me stds so i made him divorce me remarried and had sucess thanks for the help we have a son on the game now.

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From: Thisbedutch 6 years ago

You may have to keep trying for a child (I'm not sure if the husbands actually CAN shoot blanks in this game :P)

Basically, when you have unprotected sex with your husband, after a few tries you'll hear him say something along the lines of "I'm going to be a father?" after the sex is finished - there will be a little cutscene and then there will be a cot in the house with a baby in.

No pregnancy I'm afraid. Just babies :/

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Why would you want your hero to get pregnant? o.O She isn't a regular person, therefore... no baby. :3 It wouldn't be much fun running around fighting while pregnant.

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Yes you can get pregnant if you have a female hero.

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