Question from LadySia

Asked: 6 years ago

Brightwood Tower?

I need help locating the sign that will allow me to buy Brightwood Tower so I can get the Ruler of Albion achievement. However I can't find the sign anywhere and my game guide I bought with the book says you can buy it. I've tried buying it before I went to the Tattered Spire and after I came back and 10 years had passed.

Can anyone help me with the location of the sign so I can buy the fricking thing?

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From: evilmunky666 6 years ago

You have to wait untill after you go to Wraithmarsh. The sign will be on the main entrance, a little to the left.

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Best to wait until the end of the game but the sign is right next to the entrence but after you can go all the way up and do a rather annoying quest where a chest tries to kill you. but you do get a trophy and 3000 renown

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