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Where are the tattooists?

I know there are supposed to be tattooists in Bowerstone old town and westcliff, but I can't seem to find them. I'm past the spire, I've paid for westcliff development, and I gave the warrants to the guard at the beginning of the game.

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Ramos1990 answered:

There is one in the Gypsy Camp, and One in Bloodstone at all times. If you did all the evil missions as a child then Bowerstone Old Town will be all run down, and there will be a tattooist near the exit towards Rookridge. As for the Westcliff one, i think he's just there after you do the spire quest, and I think he only appears if you did the development
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Teh_Btrflyz answered:

The one in Bowerstone Old Town is down the staircase from where you killed the beetles in childhood. The bottom of the staircase was blocked by debris earlier, if that gives you a rough idea of where you're going.
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totalymessed answered:

Ok i have never seen a tattooist in old town unless u give the other guy the warents and not to the gaurd and there will be one there and as for westcliff i don't think he is there after the spire and there is a tattooist in the bowerlake camp
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edm85 answered:

Theres one in the gypsy camp and theres one in bloodstone.
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MrMalu answered:

the westcliff tattooist will disapear if you do the westcliff development quest and give Barnum the 5000 gold. if you want it to be there for good, do not do the westcliff development quest before you go to the tattered spire.
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jrabbit99 answered:

At the Gypsy camp there's one
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Game__chic answered:

There are tatooists at Bower Lake Gypsy Camp, Westcliff, and in Bloodstone. I have also heard of a tatooist near the warehouse where you shot the beetles during you childhood, but I myself have never seen it.
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