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Asked: 6 years ago

How to lose weight?

I was talking to my friend and he was saying that his character got really fat, and he was eating a lot of celery, but it was barely doing anything. I told him about the Amazing Apple Pie, but he couldnt find it. How else can you lost weight other than eating celery and the Amazing Apple Pie? Does running work? He ran like 6000 miles, and that didnt work for him.

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From: ZeroGU2 6 years ago

ya my guy is strong as heck and he is big as heck it self but I don't mind just tell your friend to lower hes physique if you wants to look better lol

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Eat celery.

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The celery and pie are the only options. The apple pie can only be won from Fable 2 Pub Games (you have to buy it.) Also check if your friend has high physique because it may not be fat. It could be muscle.

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