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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get my wife to sleep with me?

I've tried everything. I have the "Come Hither" expression as well as the "Seduce" expression. I'm not getting the thumbs up whens he suggests we do something "naughty". Also, when I click A for the bed it will tell me, "You can't sleep now." What am I not doing right?

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From: Tinug 6 years ago

First off, when you click A to sleep and receive "You can't sleep now" notification, that means you're in the middle of a quest. Finish any quest you've started before attempting to sleep with your wife.

In order to get your wife to sleep with you, make ensure the heart meter is completely to the right. (Not mandatory, but if it's more towards the middle then she's more likely to say no to you). Then simply use the "Come Back To My Place" expression (Under "Flirty") and soon you will see the follow icon above her head, and she will say something such as, "I can't wait to rip those clothes right off you darling!"

Note: Sometimes I've had to use the expression more than once before it actually registered and she started following me to bed. Also, most wives like to "rest up" before sleeping with you again...So no 2-3 times a night deal here. :<

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Go buy the "Come back to my place" expression, and when your near your houses bed, use that on her, then press A and it'll ask you to have "Safe" or "Unsafe" sex, pick safe :D

And you just got laid! (On a video game, of course.)

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Usually you can wait until a notice will come on saying she wants sex and that can happen every 2-3 days (game time) then just use "come back to my place" expression. side note the happier she is the more often this will happen.

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Well, Fable 2 for men is a lot like real life. The wife doesn't want to sleep with you unless you impress her. Lots of people say use the "Come back to my place" Expression but if you don't have it here's a way.
- Pick the lady, then get her to follow you.
- Once following, press (Y), give her gifts until she likes you, thinks you're attractive, but funny really doesn't matter.
- Flirt a bit until you hear. "Well, lets see it", "Oh, this'll be fun", "I can't wait, lets do it!".
-After one of those sayings she's ready. Click on the bed, and select the method of sex.

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you need a sword
you hit your with first with the sword to tear her clothes up
and then you click A to the bed.

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U are sick

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You say " Me love you long time for long time... now you'll touch m e? " :):)

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Its called ghb.

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Umm.......ask her.

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You ask her to follow you at night and after "Seducing" her too your bed

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