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How do I get the Crucible Champion to disappear?

I've beaten the Crucible record, but the quest is still there. How do I get rid of it?

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tyler2zelda answered:

I don't think it does. But if you got a perfect round every round and it's still there, then it most likely doesn't go away.
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LordLockeRA answered:

It's gonna be there for the rest of your life, I think. I ran the Crucible a few times, including multiple full perfect attempts and it never went away.

On the up-swing, makes traveling there easy if you need to grind gold/XP for some unknown reason.
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Dudespartan119 answered:

This quest does not go away for it is repeatable. You can earn more gold and exp (spoiler) and the legendary axe for 6 perfect rounds.
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xxTheDudexxx answered:

Im pretty sure you have to get 8 perfect rounds, well at least I had to.
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Dudespartan119 answered:

My mistake its 7 perfect rounds not 6, from what i have heard but i did all 8 perfect so im not sure if its 7 or 8.
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zombie_kamikaze answered:

@ DudeSpartan119 i actually got 6 out of 8 perfect rounds, on my second run and all i got was the gold from the people
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SwordofSwords answered:

Since the quest is a repeating quest, no matter how many times you finish it it will not go away. Ive beaten 8 of 8 perfect rounds, got the legendary axe, and the quest is still there.
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Its doesn't disapear because its a repeatable quest meant as a way to earn large amounts of xp and gold
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SparrowSilver answered:

Its just like the "Sculptor" and "Donating to the Light" quests, they'll be there no matter if you finish the main quests.
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muffinboy4444 answered:

Yeah i beat it 7 times in row and got perfect on all of them it never goes away
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