Question from Lord_Vader91

Asked: 5 years ago

I have a question about the keys?

Hows come the stradegy guide tells me there is only x number of keys in an area, but when i go to the regions menu on the game it tells me that there is more than the guide is telling. for example rookridge. the guide says it has 3 keys. but the region map says theres 5. Can anyone Help?

Accepted Answer

From: wecool20 5 years ago

lol the strategy guide SUCKS ill just come strait out and say that...i have it.....let me give u an example.... rookridge has caves in the area like hobbe cave.... on fable it says the key is in rookridge but some are acually in caves....the guide says there 3 in rookridge but if you turn to the page with hobbe cave youll find there is a key in there.... and dont forget about gemstone grotto.....that means 3+2=5 there you go hope that helped...... if you need clarification at all just reply to this message

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