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Listing on augments?

I kno there is like peircing agony and cursed warrior,
is there a better version that doesnt give negative side effects?

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In case you come back, how do those fair out for you?

Accepted Answer

deathlord552 answered:

Fire is just good against things weak against fire like Hollowmen and Balverines without adding any damage. I believe the electric one adds damage, but I'm not positive.
My personal favorites are the Devestator in Wraitmarsh near the entrance to bloodstone, Lucky Charm from Bower Lake Demon Door (?), the Gold one from the first path in Bloodstone, and there's two others; one that adds damage but makes you more prone to scarring and one that lets you take less damage but makes you more prone to scarring, and I don't know their names but am fairly certain you can get from any stone cutter with a 4 or 5 star rating.
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chinocholo answered:

Nope, I juse use the fire and electric one.
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deathlord552 answered:

By the way, Devestator and Lucky Charm let you deal more damage while the Lucky Charm also lets you take less damage.
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