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My wife is gone and so is my daugter and there is a new quest that says " personal rescue"?

The problem is that it says find my wife but I can't find her anyway it says that she is somewhere in Bowerstone Market but there is no gold trail to her at all so I am asking did this happen to you too and if so where did you find your wife/husband?

ZeroGU2 provided additional details:

I got it like after I beat the main story then I got the quest and I look into my house and she wasn't there you think it could be one of those 5000 glitch they found when Lion Studios tested the game?

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raevnkiki answered:

When this quest became available to me i used the quest menu and skipped straight to it, my wife was standing there told me my sons in hobbe cave. I went there and rescued him no problems.
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Try going to your house, also it would have helped to know how and when you got the quest.
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Ultadan answered:

When i got the quest personal rescue I had to rescue my son from hobbes so read the description on the quest again and see if it tells u to go sum1 and make sure ur glowing trail is on very high
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xSadisticAngelx answered:

Did you choose Sacrifice, Love or Wealth?
Depending on which one you chose it'll have a different quest.
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Ktimleck answered:

That is the quest where your child tries to be a hero/heroine like you, and goes off to kill Hobbes. But it seems you glitched it, since you have to get a note from your spouse, so you can't complete the quest. Sorry.
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Brinson6789 answered:

mine glitched 2 i sacrificed my wife at Temple of Shadows after i got the quest but i hadnt talked my wife to go find my daughter. so now i have the quest and cant do it ive tried a lot of things and there is absolutely no way around it ur stuck with the quest. sry bout the spelling did this kind of fast
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Boardies answered:

I agree with raevnkiki. Just skip to the quest
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KEGman321 answered:

For me, my wife disappered for a long time and I couldn't do the quest. I just remarried and it said I had two families.
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