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Childhood, First 5 pieces of gold collecting help?

After talking to the guard about the warrent, I headed over to barnum to pose for the picture, but he is not offering a quest. He is highlighted in green but when i talk to him, he says his normal dialog, but is still not offering to pose for a picture. I dont know if this is a glitch or i didnt do something. Anyone know??

strife4292 provided additional details:

it does not give me the option to hold A, nor will it work if i pose on the platform.

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s9t_slaught3r answered:

That is probably a glitch
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0ff1ce11 answered:

does it give you the option to hold A to enter the pose, if not try walking up to the platform where you would pose and see if that gives you the option
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Toshiyo answered:

The same thing has happened to me as well, I attempted everything but the way I ended up fixing it was by deleting the file and then restarting again, not like the 2 minuites into the game really mattered that much ^ ^.
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