Question from metallicaman990

How do I solve The Rescue?

I am having problems with this quest. I finish the quest but every time I try to leave the cave via the ladder to rookridge my daughter doesnt follow me out I tried using the follow expresion and not using it but every time i go to exit she doesnt apper outside with me how do I finish this quest?

xxzomegaxx asked for clarification::

Did you just try fast traveling to your spouse's location, either way it's probably a glitch and you might as well give it up.

metallicaman990 provided additional details:

Yes I tried that but when I do it says you cant leave your child behind and gives me the option to reload or cancel the fast travel.

Accepted Answer

Archvelius answered:

Sounds like you might just have to bite the bullet and reload =(
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Ratatoskr321 answered:

I'm having this same problem. I think it's just a glitch in the game, not much you can do.
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Archvelius answered:

Can't you leave through another exit? I had something similar happen to me, and that's what I recall doing.
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