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How much does Castle Fairfax Cost?


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RedSource answered:

It Cost 1,000,000
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mageminwu22 answered:

1,000,000 I think
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It costs Exactly $1,000,000

3 ways to make $1,000,000

1: On the last quest in the game you can choose 1 out 3 three options...
The option that you would want is the one with the $1,000,000(Wealth)

2: Use the Money glitch...
1st make money from doing jobs eg: Black Smith
Make about 5-10 thousand dollars. Then buy 1 or 2 or even3 houses (I prefer Bowerstone Houses). Then rent out the houses. Simply save your game. Exit the game and go to X box 360 dashboard. Go to settings(Time and Date) Set the date to 2025. And Start your game. Then wait till you get your rent. It wont be 1million but then you can buy more houses. You then have to readjust your times and log in your game save it than adjust it again and keep repeating this unitil you make 1million.

Note: This cheat may corrupt your Xbox 360.

3: Make 1million dollars by spending a long time doing jobs.
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