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How do I start love hurts?

I knock on the mansion door and nothing happens... In the main story I am past the hero of will. Is there a certain time I have to knock or something?

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ashynioki answered:

The Love Hurts quest is not available until after you have reached Bloodstone, which is shortly before the last few quests in the game, but it can be completed before completing the game. Once you return from the Spire, meet Hammer at the inn in Rookridge, then wait to be summoned by Theresa. Return to the guild, meet Hammer and Garth in Brightwood, fight your way through the next 2 main story quests: The Cullis Gate and Stranded. When you arrive in Bloodstone, you are immediately able to travel back to the Cemetary Mansion, and anywhere else your heart desires. Several new quests are now available. When you knock now, the gravekeeper should answer.
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K3to answered:

I beat the game before doing this quest.
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Sudokenri answered:

Well that sucks, i had that theory but i hoped i was wrong considering what you get from the quest.
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chili_and_rice answered:

After the event cough when you umm return from your little elongated trip :)
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SOP_CSarean answered:

I believe the quest automatically shows up in your guest log after you beat the game. Then you can knock on that door and get a response.
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