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Where are the other divinity gems?

I've gotten Archon's dream and wanted to know what the other three gems were or at least where they were at.

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BladeMaster0182 answered:

One is the Diamond of Sorrow, which you get after buying and sleeping in Brightwood Tower, and the other gem you get after buying the Cometary Mansion and going into Shelly's Crypt.
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JasaniAVA answered:

There's also one for completing all the Archeologist quests, from inside the door at the dig site in Fairfax Garden. This one, the archeologist will insist you hand over (but she'll give you a decent cut of the selling price, I believe 50% of the flat value).
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joshiki_r answered:

The one from the archeologist is worth 10 k and she offers 50k for it. its up to u what to choose. if u kill her u get to keep it
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Mouser05 answered:

One is the ruby of something.... you get it after you buy the graveyard mansion and do the quest. Another one is the diamond of sorrow. Go to brightwood tower (after you beat the game) and buy it. Sleep in the bed at the very top and chesty will give it to you.
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