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Children Growing up?

How long does it take for a child to grow up? so he is out of the crib walking around.

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That cannot be right...I don't think thats the answer, maybe it just takes a long time, anyone?!

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From: WWEKINGJERKO 6 years ago

I had a baby and I did one side mission... Came back and that little bugger was running all over the place and wouldnt stop following me so I shot the Mother. The I did was the rookridge (Bad Smell) I cant remember the name.

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Children only grow up if you have one before you go to the Spire.

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You could set your X box time like 10 years ahead ... it's might do 2 things make your kid older and give you a s*** load of money. But that's considered cheating, it all really depends r u desperate to have a older kid?

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Children grow up faster after the Spire, but changing the time on your x-box doesn't affect anything in game except money, so it doesn't make your kid older.

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First of all I dont have this game, though I believe I read more on it more than people play it :P
In an interview with Peter M. He played the game to give a preview of what life was is like as a pregnant hero.(he plays as a woman in most interviews)
Anyway he says while you are away your kids grow... Just like he says an acorn planted it the game will grow into a tree. But if you watch a tree grow you will never see results.
in short leave your children for some time then come back. (also try gaining experience since it ages the main character)

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well i ignored my kid for awhile ........ i HAD two kids that wre not in their cribs i splept in the bed for 7days a couple times then do a quest and come back and their out of their cribs........ and your kid does grown up after spire

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