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Asked: 5 years ago

Help with Till Death do Us Apart?

I chose to marry alex for the quest and it says I need to buy a ring for her so I bought the civil ring. But then the quest glitches up and I can't progress further because the game still thinks that I haven't completed the ring step yet. How do I solve this and will this glitch impact my game?

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sorry made a mistake, I bought the BEST ring and she did accept and we married. but the quest is glitched because it still says i need to buy a ring for her

Additional details - 5 years ago

Erm okay it's getting more strange...I met her and the quest repeated itself and I managed to finish. But now she wants to move house and when I do move house, I get two Martial houses. And on the Family Page I get two families with her? Wierd! so I can't reload because I already finished it the quest. but I can reload before I get the two families.

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From: Archvelius 5 years ago

Is having two families a bad thing? If you're only using one house it doesn't seem like a big deal. It sounds like you really want to be a good guy, so I guess you can just move her in somewhere and hope for the best (the game doesn't need her to actually have 2 separate houses, right? It just gives her credit for two?). It sounds like a BONUS to me! Although it might also be a risky bonus... who knows what it might lead to? Glitches are Risky Business, and not in the Tom Cruise with a housefull of hookers sense.

Personally, I would consider sacrificing my newfound wife at the temple of shadows. Maybe you'll get double points towards the sword? It's all in the name of science, after all. Wait! Maybe you should have kids with her first? It would be for a good cause... kinda... right?

Because if you're not going to get rid of her, I don't know what will fix her. Unfortunately, I don't think Fable II has therapists at all, much less for wives with multiple personalites. If they did, the Hero of Skill would probably be able to get a good likeness of himself made (you'll get it eventually if you don't now). It seems like you probably married the same woman twice, and so the game thinks she's two separate women. It could become problematic, or it might just remain a BONUS. Your call, but I'm out of good ideas for how to fix it (outside of the temple of shadows anyway).

Actually, if you can make her dislike you enough before you give her the second ring that makes her marry you, perhaps she'll only count as one wife. You've really got to be mean, though. Just remind yourself that it's for your beloved's mental health. If you get her to absolutely despise you before you're married (if you're already married, don't, because she'll just run away and be gone forever) the first ring and proposal will probably be erased from the game's memory. Then, just give her presents and compliments until she loves you again, propose, marry, and see if she's still glitchy.

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I don't think she'll accept a ring of that quality. (3 star rating, right?) Go get the best ring you can find and try that out, it should work.

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Well the good news is that's it's just a side quest. You can always reload if you want. If I remember correctly, Till Death Do Us Part is the one with ghost by the statue, right? It's not a big deal, and doesn't even provide a lot of experience. Honestly, the quest is much more fun if you're mean to her instead of proposing. You should reload if you're concerned about it though, and in all likelihood it will work out on your second attempt. Fable II has its fair share of strange glitches, but biting the bullet and reloading an earlier save fixes most of them.

Does it say that you need to BUY a ring for her? Sorry, but I haven't played in awhile. Perhaps buying yet another ring would help? Otherwise, try having her follow you to the statue. It might jump-start your progress in the quest.

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I'm heading to bed, but you might also want to check and see how much she likes you at the moment. Does she still have a heart over her head?

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