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where can I find the clothing from this dark clothing?

Can anyone tell me the name of this dark clothing and where to find it?

here is the link to the vid

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Accepted Answer

Kokuei7 answered:

I looks like they've used Moonless Midnight dye on all of the items, but from what I can tell:

There's an Assassin's Coat which you can find in a chest in Bower Lake, on the route towards Thag's camp.

The boots are Explorer's Boots which can be sometimes found in Bowerstone's tailors, or failing that a wandering Clothing Tailor.

The Bandana looks like the Spire Guard Bandana which you get as part of the storyline whilst trying to rescue the second Hero.

I'm afraid I don't know where the trousers and gloves are from, the gloves look like they might be Noble Gents Gloves (Bowerstone Market) but I haven't played a male character before so I couldn't say.

I hope that helps, good luck with the rest.
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