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Is it really possible to become King or Queen?

In some of the loading screens, there's a breif mention that after you buy a majority of properties that you become King or Queen. I've bought just about everything besides Castle Fairfax. Has anyone reached that title at all?

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eternallozer answered:

Yes as long as you own enough buildings you can unlock the title. it doesn't do anything tough
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Illscrewyoubig answered:

Well, buy Castle Fairfax. Considering it is 1 million alone, that will probably give you the title.
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JasaniAVA answered:

You need to get a total real estate value of 2.5 million or higher. (Which also unlocks the Ruler of Albion achievement.) Fairfax Manor is a huge chunk of that (and another title, Mayor) but isn't the full thing.

You can check your current real estate value under Logbook > Personality > Stats. With a decent economy, and every property you can buy, you should come out right around 2.8~3.2 million.
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towna answered:

JasaniAVA is right, i own every property in the game and have the title king
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