Question from anerien

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve (Civilian Displacement - Cultist)?

I am doing the civilian displacement job and it wants me to find a cultist. The job doesn't have a place for me to goto yet, it says I need to explore more. The only cultists i can find are the ones in the Temple of Shadows and there are only 2 (The guy in front of the wheel and the guy at the bottom on the entrance stairs) and I cannot get either of them to follow me. How do I get more cultists to appear in the Temple of Shadows or is there a different place you can find a cultist? I just completed the arena if that helps.


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From: dlightfighter 6 years ago

At some point (if not all the time) the cultists like to do get-togethers further in the temple than the stairs leading down. Check above, I often find them there.

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