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Fairfax tomb gate door?

Ok before you go down into the prison holding area there is a gate on the right side, is there a way to open it because ive look high and low and there are no clues to opening not even a orb thingy?

Manny_Freezie provided additional details:

No you dont make sense at all, its right before you go down into the dungeon area, the gate is beside a book case i think?

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JasaniAVA answered:

*spoiler-ish following*

The Fairfax tomb is actually only accessible from inside (ie. from the Fairfax Manor) once you buy it. After buying it (after you beat the game) for 1 million, you'll get a quest that will lead you down into the tomb, the exit of which being that door you found.
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Teh_Btrflyz answered:

If I'm thinking of the right tomb, there is a switch right next to the gate that you are talking about. That switch opens up another door into the room on the other side of the gate in question.

I'm not sure that makes sense so here: That gate doesn't open, but if you backtrack you can get into that room.
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MrCamyak answered:

If i am thinking of the gate that you are referring to, it is located within the castle after you have gone through the bookcase in the library, there is a gate straight ahead once you have gone past the bookshelves and to the left of the gate is located the prison cells, which have some switches to open them to progress further down into the dungeon where a certain unique potion lies

Sorry i dont have an answer for this as i haven't managed to open the gate either, but this further information may help others to solve your question for which i wouldn't mind knowing the answer either.
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supavegetocows answered:

You might be talking about the tomb from the Love Hurts quest. You get it at the Cemetery Mansion, and you go into Lady Grey's tomb.
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Grank18 answered:

You have to own castle fairfax and have opened all the other demon doors
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