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How do i complete the level where you get the best sword in the game?

i beat the game and brought back my dog i went to the place where you get the best sword in the game i past the first gate and the next one but the third one there is a thing in a cage and i need it ( i think) and i see a key and i cant get to it and idk it is a silver key or the one i need. if any one can help my THX

pokemon511 provided additional details:

I was able to get threw the to doors but the third one was in a cage and i cound not think of something that could be it so if you got the sword plz tell what i am doing wrong!!!

pokemon511 provided additional details:

help pLZ!!!!!

pokemon511 provided additional details:

plz help i went back to the same place And my dog walk on the spikes and the s[ikes did not come up?

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dark_lorican answered:

If this place is covered in snow go into th house and the sword on top floor only master long sword master version of starter sword find the best swords are master katanas much faster less powerfull but stil good
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