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*Spoiler* Silver Keys?

I'm missing one key. It's the key in Bowerstone Market. Something about a dig spot. HOWEVER I dont have my dog anymore. How do I get my last Key?

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I've heard that you can get one extra in Bloodstone/Wraith

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Greiver_2112 answered:

do not listen to joshiki, the game designers prepared for this happening. Yes the third key in Bowerstone Market is behind the Tavern. yes you need the dog to dig it up. But apparently there is a 7th silver key in the Wraithmarsh. Also if you get Knothole Island Expansion you can get your dog back through the Cheet-Ur shrine.
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Xatrion answered:

It cannot be dug up without your dog.
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joshiki_r answered:

I hate to tell u this but to get it ur gonna have to start the game over. i had to do it too. if u dont get this key b4 beating the storyline, it literally disappears. even if u revive ur dog. get ur dog to a good treasure hunting skill and take the path to the left of the tavern in bowerstone and to the right of the building next to it. thin path. its back there
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mr_cager_39 answered:

I have gotten my final 4 keys including the 1 behind the tavern after I completed the main storyline.
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honorguard88 answered:

The key is in a narrow alley...i remember maybe between the bar? i dug it up....maybe u could get lucky with out your dog
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