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Where can i get the pistol that holds a few bullets where can i get it? ( and tell me if it is master pstol or not?)

i want to get that gun can someone tell me plz? thankS

pokemon511 provided additional details:

I meant pistol

Accepted Answer

XxZhiTxX answered:

Oh, you mean a Turret Rifle/Pistol or a Clockwork Rifle/Pistol? You can get these at the Knothole Island Stone Vendor, or if you dont have the DLC you can get them at the Westcliff Camp right before the big stairs of the Crucible to the right. And no, they dont necessarily have to be Master Class they can even be Rusty. Oh by the way if you go Knothole Island try buying 4-augment-slot weapons, you can even get your Pistols with 4 slots, its awesome.
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