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What is the best strategy for having sex?

I am married and it let me have sex once with my hubby, but now whenever I try, it says "you cannot sleep now". What am I doing wrong? I have done the come hither and given the thumbs up. No go any more though. Please advise.

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lordofstarside answered:

You dont need him.
Go find a real man instead
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Paramiliar answered:

the best strategy is to first get the come back to my place expression, once you have that and make your wife / hore happy you can make them follow you for lots of sex.

Be warned you might end up with a family as big as mine!!!
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winner1215 answered:

You might be on a quest, where you have to travel far away, It wasnt letting me sleep, So i did the quest, then did everything to have sex, and now I haz a baby (Hope it helps)
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brucey17 answered:

Just get them to like you then give them the come back to my place expression. If this fails you can always get them drunk or get a prostitute lol. I try to sleep with some one other then the town where my wife is, don't know if this affects or not
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FracturedOrb answered:

get their love maxxed out and check your family section in the quests tab. If they want sex, get them to the bed then de-select them (make sure they aren't glowing white) then wait for them to tell you they want some. Then use the bed.
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Magicman10893 answered:

Some main story line quests it will say you cannot sleep at this time. Just finish whatever quest you are on and it will let you get freaky with your "hubby" again
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GnR546 answered:

1. Get some one to marry out.
2. Flirt with them until their green or what ever that option color is.
3.(Optional) If you don't want babies make sure you have a condom and children are worthless.
4. Get near a bed and do it.
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Warchild answered:

You ARE on a quest. If find out what one, hit start, quests and find out what quest is your primary. Finish that quest, and you can get your freak on once more.
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Xx0Neji0xX answered:

Give ur partner a gift, then after u butter them up, do one of their favorite expression(if they have one), do the "Come back to my place expression" and if a follow icon doesnt appear over their head do the "follow" command. When near the bed (As in ur partner stops moving toward you), do the "Come back to my place" expression, after they say "It not even MY BIRTHDAY!" or "Ooooo" or something that shows their interested, click the bed and pick whether to have a condom on or off and BOOM. U have 10 seconds of darkness and disturbing noises!
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leppermesiah666 answered:

Now how do u know if u have had sex? Does it show something or do u just wake up and she'll be standing there thats wats happened with me...
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