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Asked: 5 years ago

How do i get enouph mony to get Castle Fairfax it in 3 days?

I need mony to buy castle fairfax fast but i dont have enoooouph mony whats the best way to get that much in 3 days.

Additional details - 5 years ago

if you have xbox lie disconect from it then go to system setting clock date and time and chane the date to 2015 the day go up 1 and the month go up 2 and keep going from their when you play fable again you will get over 100000 GOLD:)

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1 -Try NOT playing Fable 2 and if you have a fixed income of over 2,500 youll get over 300,000 in over 12 hours.

2 - This next method is with your Xbox on and playing Fable 2, make sure you have a high fixed income and set the character in a place where he can't get killed or surrounded and you you will have a TON of money in little time.this method is cheap but effective. if your wondering for an ideal location for this, put your character in the guild cave (there he/she won't get surrounded). While Fable 2 is running, watch a movie or go do something productive for a change...anyway this methods helped me a lot and the will help you.

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Another thing, you dont play fable 2 for long you might not get that 1 million you were expecting in 3 days so try checking every 12 hours for method 1.

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Um what i did was put my properties to plus 100 and waiting in the guild cave came back from school and had like 900,000 but yes i was curropted so the next dap i put to -50 and still got 450,000 easy

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