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5 Crunchy Chicks?????

I'm trying to join that shadow cult ,or what ever it is, but I ate the five chicks he gave me but he still wouldnt let me join. So can anyone tell me where to get the five replacement chicks?

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XxZhiTxX answered:

Oakfield Produce Trader, by the house that gives you the Speed Bonus, outside of the town by the farms.
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justcodyc answered:

Almost any trader will have crunchy chicks, usualy i go to fairflax gardens and wait it out to meet a trader but just go to and shop that might have them and if they dont have them keep looking i guess, good luck.
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Trenton23 answered:

You shouldn't have to, just reload and do it again. The game did this on me and i just reloaded it, let me in that time
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dark_lorican answered:

Westcliff meat trader befor you go to the tattered spire
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