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The Final Sacrifice...........(?)

Ive got over 2,000 points on the shadow wheel and now it says i have to sacrifice a person at a certain time. Can anybody tell me what time i have to do it at, cause ivedone it like three times and the guy by the wheel said i didnt do it at the right time.


Xatrion answered:

Sacrifice your spouse at midnight.
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XxKnightWolfxX answered:

Yeah what Xatrion said. but add 3 monks and you get more evil points and the reward.
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nathan3514 answered:

Once you have 2000 evil points you have to sacrifice your spouse at midnight. An easy way to do this is to pause and look in the top right corner of the screen. The time is there. When the time is 12:00AM to 1:00AM sacrifice your spouse to receive the Maelstrom. Its a longsword that inflicts extra damage to guards and civilians.
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Arnings answered:

Get monks and your wife from Oakvale (I think that's the name) to the temple between 12 and 1 pm. I think walking from Oakvale to the temple takes 3 hours, so keep that in mind.
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