Question from mynameisnoah

Asked: 6 years ago

My kids?

Can my kid grow up or here stays a kid forever?

Accepted Answer

From: Alexracoon1 5 years ago

They can become an adult but it take so long in the game about a week of non stop playing in real life and just sleeping for ages in the game.haha my kid grew to like 20 and he was like awsome he followed me and killed stuff but he had a crappy bronze flintlock pistol and he had a axe but never used it eventually i got sick of him and we were at our house i shot my wife and my son started shooting me then the guards came and killed him.

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I think so but it will take some time

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your kid can turn from a baby to a kid, but I don't think he/she ever becomes an adult.

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Only grows to about the age of ten.

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Your baby wil get older but it takes years in the game every year he gos up a year old ( duh) so it will take years in game time.

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