Question from bloodless_snow

Asked: 5 years ago

Whos willing to sell a puny carrot for a cool million?

Who would like to sell me a puny carrot for a million? I ask this because of the knothole island box of secrets shop, because of my owning of all towns and shops has created a better economy i cannot find or buy any food that is below a 3-star rating so i need somebody who has a spare or can aquire them at will. A million may seem a lot to buy a carrot for but im a nice guy and plus ive got way more money than i need. my gamertag is BloodlessSnow, just send me a message or respond to this with your gamertag.

Additional details - 5 years ago

What do you need dude? money-wise i can accomodate well. maybe some items as well as gold, owning every property on the game means i only gotta stay off it for a few days and i usually have 6-7 million going spare but only 5(ish) at the moment due to buying high level potions for my low-level friends

Accepted Answer

From: thegamerisme 5 years ago

.... A million gold for a carrot.....

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Interesting offer, exactly how much do you have can you make it higher?

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