Question from The_Viewtiful_1

How do I get to the final room in Giles basement?

I've made it to the large room filled with sand, but after that I don't know how to get any further. My dog Isn't finding any dig spots and he has 5* hunting skills. I have already beaten the game

Accepted Answer

dark_lorican answered:

Have you tried to leave the area and com back again or prais your dog and make sure its healed properly then it should find it
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uzumaki488 answered:

Ty digging your self
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hylianarmy answered:

Reload your last save. Usually this solves the problem.
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Xxfirebird95xX answered:

Either your dogs a tard or the game glitched
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chazwitch answered:

I went outside, then came back in, and the annoying dog went crazy barking, then took me to where a powerful gun was buried...
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