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If i didnt use the sex change potion, will i ever get another chance?

I was just wondering if i could still somehow get a sex change

calelogan asked for clarification:

Is there any way to change back?

I changed sex (male to female) and realized my character looked more like a a transvestite. Moreover, characters in the Fable 2 world can decide whether I'm male or female. Some say that "queen" is a strange title for a man, while others comment that one day I was a man and the other a woman.

ReDeadEr asked for clarification:

Where is this cave you speak of???

P.S. yes i am a noob

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brucey17 answered:

A lot of people playing on XBOX live are trading them if you meet in the cave that you reach from Castle Fairfax. Look through the topic boards for people trading it and you will more then likely have to meet them in the cave because they can't leave either.
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SpartanAdmiral answered:

Nope, they give you one chance and if you leave without using it you can't change your sex.
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seker456 answered:

By quest no but in the game yea. Go to the cave were the postion is on xbox live and theeir should be some people on live selling it. A lot of people do
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Therm1995 answered:

How do
her a sex change
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