Question from hossrox

Asked: 5 years ago

Lady Grey glitch?

Iwent on the love hurts quest and basically Victor is over where you get civilian displacement jobs. Anyway I have all the parts needed and go back to the mansion and he says he's in the basemnt with everything ready. I go down and he's not there but the door closes and locks behind me, I end up being stuck down there. If I don't go to the mansion he's where I stated he was earlier and acts like just another citizen and Lady Grey is already there though I can't do any thing with her. WTF?

Accepted Answer

From: diablo5843 5 years ago

Let me be the first to say sorry but the Love hurts quest is notoriously glitched and once it's happened there's not a great deal you can do about it except start a new game but thats only if you want the grey lady as your wife.
But even still after you marry her, she has this anoying problem of glitching through a wall and being stuck there for ever so you can't talk or divorce her.

I guess it's a bit ironic that the quest is called "Love Hurts".

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