Question from KingKaineng

Asked: 5 years ago

Gold Cheat?

Is there a cheat or a fast to get gold? I am not talking jobs and shops unless there a cheat that goes with it. I already beat game and just looking for ways to make it more interesting.

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From: pokezeldabros 5 years ago

Save up to buy a property (or rent out your caravan) then save and put the internal calendar forward 1 year (any more years and you get the same money as 1 year)then put the game back on and receive 1 years worth of payment. that should give you enough for two or three more property's (or with the caravan about all the other caravans) then just rinse and repeat to gain more than double what you got the last time. you could put up the rent on each property you buy to 100% to get double the money off that property but that puts up your corruption points enormously

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The way i get quick money is buy weapons when they're half off and then sell them to a trader in front of fairfax castle.

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I bought all the estates in all the towns and have never have problems with money since. When you have done that wait a couple of days before you play and be on xbox live when start playing again

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I heard the what 'pokerzeldabros' said is considered a hack/mod. is this true?

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