Question from Adruon

Asked: 5 years ago

When does "The Rescue" quest appear?

The only thing I know is that it appears after a trip to the spire. I just don't know which one. The one where you rescue Garth or the one at the end of the main game?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I can tell that alot of people are divided about it. (the FAQs were the same)
If it does appear before the end of the main game could you please give a youtube vid title or something?

Accepted Answer

From: eXo0nEcRoMaNcEr 5 years ago

No it's after you beat the game. After a while when you return to your husband/wife they will give you the quest

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Submitted Answers


The one where you rescue Garth. Visit your husband/wife and child (child will be 9), then teleport away and go back (child should be older), and then teleport away and go back again (child should have run away).

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