Question from Corzza72

Asked: 5 years ago

*****Spoiler***** Dog?

Sorry if you come into this and didnt know but if put the spoiler on. Any who I have been reading alot of questions and people are saying there dogs dead and stuff if was just wondering how does your dog die? (I havent finished the game yet thats why I'm asking) Is there anyway to stop your dog dying? (Not bring back stop so it doesnt happen) thank you advanced for your answers.

Ps Sorry again if you didnt know about the dog dying.

Accepted Answer

From: dark_lorican 5 years ago

Lord lucian shoots it once you have finished rescuing the tird and final hero at the top of the hero mountain where you come out of the guid by using the cullas gate you can get him back but at a cost i won't spoil it you will just ahve to completet i and fid out

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