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Asked: 6 years ago

Can Lady Grey have children?

So is it possible to have undead babies with your corpse bride? Even with lots of unprotected lovin', she still hasn't had a baby. Is she barren? O.o

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From: Archvelius 5 years ago

I haven't had many problems with being married in Fable 2. The only issues I had were when I populated most of Oakvale with my many wives and our progeny. Invariably they found out about each other.

Anyway, yes you can have kids with Lady Grey. Unfortunately, they don't look or act different than any other children you might have, despite having an undead mother. If anything, Lady Grey is a fairly good candidate for marriage and children, as the house she lives in is pretty sweet (which also keeps her happy) and by that stage of the game it's not hard to give her enough money to keep her satisfied. Finally, the mansion is a fast-travel location, so stopping in to fulfill her sexual desires and pick up gifts doesn't take much time, either. All in all, she makes a good wife.

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Yes, but I highly suggest <i>NOT</i> having kids, or getting married for that matter. Both marriage and having kids run high risks of being severely glitched. The Cons far outweigh the Pros. But the short answer is yes, she can have kids.

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You are crazy lady gray is 521 years old not joking

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No She can not have kids.

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