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Asked: 6 years ago

How Do I Start The Gargoyal Quest?

I've been seing a lot of questions about gARGOYALS. i already beat th game and i dont hav a gargoyal quest. How did u guys get ur gargoyal quest?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Thanx. My friend showed me that i was shooting the wrong statues.=)

Accepted Answer

From: joshiki_r 6 years ago

1. This is needed, get lvl2 dexterous styles. the gargoyles will then taunt u when u get near in a sadistic irish tone.
2. shoot 1 and ull get it. that simple

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!!! Spoilers !!! If you find one, shoot it. Congratulations you started the quest! Silver/grey sparkly thing up on buildings or in them - hint- in the furniture store in Bowerstone Market, 2nd floor. Happy hunting.

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