Question from Tertrun

Asked: 6 years ago

Feet stuck in ground?

All right, I just beat the crucible for like the tenth time and when I came back out, my feet were stuck in the ground. Couldn't move/walk at all. I was still able to fast travel to other places, but I was still stuck. Any ideas?

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From: Watcher77 6 years ago

You got the crucible bug, hopefully you didn't save. If you did however, there may be some ways to fix it. Go into first person view, then enter the menu and fast travel to a cave or somewhere you can dig right when you warp in. Go into your menu, select the spade and the digging animation should start. Hopefully this fixes your problem.

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WATCHER i was having the same problem your advice helped tthank you

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Watcher77 is right, I just completed a quest and it saved as I was opening a chest, so when I loaded it I couldn't move only quick travel and I tried what he said and it worked.

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